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Energie Coaching is a provider of professional coaching services geared to individuals and small to medium sized enterprises coaching with a focus on personal, professional and organizational development and a desire to move forward with a new perspective.

Energie Coaching provides a safe, non-judgemental forum for the client to deepen their self-learning, improve their performance to forward their goals and overall, to enhance their quality of life in their career and personal relationships.

Through the lens of coaching, the client sets forth the focus of the coaching conversation. The interaction with the coach and client sets the stage to create clarity around where the client is at the present time and what the client’s intentions, choices and actions are that will assist them in moving forward with a new perspective.

In the role of coach, we constantly keep an ear open for how your “gifts” show up in your life and in your career and hold a mirror up so that you can see your best self.

Why Hire A Coach?
Unlike Consulting where the “tools” are provided, Coaches make use of a core set of skills that are driven by “question thinking” and tap into the client’s own powerful inner core that enables a deeper awareness and an ability to move forward into action.

On a personal level, coaching for results can:

  • Improve relationships with peers, family and friends
  • Set specific, attainable personal or career goals
  • Provide a renewed source of energy in your career
  • Create a self-generated action plan with measurable results
  • Enhance the work-life balance by living into your values
  • Offer an accounting for progress and success

On a business level, coaching provides intangible results to:

  • Increase top line revenue and bottom line profitability
  • Set specific, attainable and measurable goals
  • Improve employee or team engagement
  • Provide better customer service
  • Increase the overall strength of the organization
  • Live into the company’s value proposition

How can Energie Coaching provide value to you today?

Moving forward with a new perspective.

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